Pete's Ukuleles

Here is my collection of Ukuleles so far...

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The Tone-Woods Wall - Each Ukulele is made from a different tone wood:

Uke Wall

Figured Walnut
Western Red Cedar
Flaming Mahogany


Spalted Pecan
Spruce / Rosewood
Tropical Mahogany


Spruce / Cocobolo
Curly Mango
Triple A Koa


The Koa collection:

Kanile'a Ukuleles: Soprano, Concert, Super Concert, Tenor, 6-String Tenor.

Kamaka Ukuleles: Concert, Tenor.

K'aloha Ukuleles: Tenor.

Pono Ukuleles: Tenor.

Compass Rose Ukuleles: Tenor.

Collings Guitars: Concert, Tenor.

Fender Guitars: Tenor Koa Ukulele.


Kanile'a Koa Soprano:


Mahogany Concert Ukulele from Santa Cruz Guitars:


Chocolate Heart Myrtle Tenor from Mya-Moe Ukuleles:


Compass Rose Tenor Ukuleles from Rick Turner Guitars, Santa Cruz CA:

Redwood / Rosewood:


Curly Mango :



Flaming Mahagony :

Sycamore :


Cedar / Sycamore :

Spruce / Cocobolo 5-String :


Master Grade AAA Curly Koa:


Bear Claw Spruce / Curly Koa Tenor from Koolau Ukuleles:


Indian Rosewood / Sinker Redwood Tenor Ukulele from Jay Lichty Guitars, North Carolina:


Spruce top Jumbo and Baratone Ukuleles from Tony Graziano, Santa Cruz CA:


Redwood / Rosewood Tenor from Tony Graziano:


Kanile'a and K'aloha Tenors:


Concert size Ukulele from Kanile'a:


Super Concert and 6 String Tenor from Kanile'a:


Koa Concert and Tenor from Kamaka:


Curly Koa Tenor made by Pono Ukuleles:


Koa Tenor from Fender Guitars:


Koa Concert Ukulele from Collings Guitars, Austin Texas:


Koa Tenor Ukulele from Collings Guitars:


Mahogany Tenor from Collings Guitars:


Spalted Pecan Concert Ukulele from Collings Guitars, Austin Texas:


Kala Koa w/Spruce Top and Abalone Inlays


Kala Spruce Top Traveling Tenor:


and of course, a Fluke:

Then I found these three brothers...

and went crazy:




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