Music Videos

I made some music videos with a bunch of friends in the early 90's.
These videos were made using analogue audio and video equipment - without the help of modern digital tools. (it was a pain, and it took a long time to edit stuff)  I recently digitized and re-mastered some of the stuff we shot, and present it here for your enjoyment.

Jesus, it's tough to be Jesus
Note: this one is highly irreverent - if you might be offended, don't view it.

The Adventures of Captain Andy
Shot in 1991, this one chronicles the adventures of Captain Andy and his crew
as they battle the evil Saucy Jack and search for the seeds, and uses of the Magic Plant.
The original video has been broken into 5 parts for easy viewing on YouTube.


The following were shot and edited using more modern digital equipment:

Soap Box Derby
Some grown-up boys getting together and having too much fun.

Up the Raging River
Having fun at Raging Waters with a Go-Pro and some editing software.
(Turn the audio up - it got recorded kind of low)

Flying over the San Lorenzo River
Go-Pro attached to one of my RC planes.

Skin Diving in Hawaii
Having fun in Hanauma Bay.

Doing the WestSide Shuffle
The WestSide Dancers doing the WestSide Shuffle.
Shot with Canon DSLRs


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